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Detroit's Next Hot Neighborhood Is Hiding In Plain Sight

On East Milwaukee Avenue in central Detroit, Logan Siegel lives in a 126-year-old building with rust-colored brick that has been rehabbed and converted into nine condos owned by a diverse group of professionals. The value of the property has tripled in the past five years.

The surrounding landscape is foreboding, though: Structures that are collapsing upon themselves, wildly overgrown vacant lots, illegal dumping, glass-strewn roads and ubiquitous graffiti. The two-story building across from Siegel’s home is boarded up; to the east is a DTE Energy facility surrounded by an 18-foot cement wall topped with razor wire. It looks like a maximum security prison.

Despite the raw surroundings, Siegel has met many people in the past three years who are impatient to move in.

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